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 Patron Manager  Principal 
 Rev. Dr. Geevarghese OIC
Superior General,
Bethany Ashram
Rev. Fr. Mathew Thiruvalil OIC
Provincial Superior,
Bethany Navajeevan Province
Rev. Fr. Varghese Puthenveettil OIC

Bursar Local Manager Vice Principal
Rev. Fr. Sijo Thomas OIC  Rev. Fr. Thomas Prasanth OIC  Mr. Baiju
PTA Executive Committee 
President: Mr. Nijin Rajan
Vice President: Mrs. Ancy Reji
Treasurer: Mr. Kuriakose.K.Abraham
Secretary: Mr. Cherian.K.Kurien
Auditors: Mr. Daniel M.M

Mrs. Anitta Chandran

Executive Members: Mr. Prasad Kurup

Mrs. Rema Devi
Mrs. Jessy John

Mr. Jose Varghese

Mrs. Suja Santhosh

Mr. Manilal P.R

Mr. Saji Kumbazha

Mrs. Mini Louis

Mr. Jacob Mathew

Mrs. Rosamma Skariah


by Bliss Drive Review