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Co-curricular Activities

To develop the varied interests and different talents of the pupils we provide ample opportunity through several co-curricular activities. Students are given training in music, painting and other art forms. Besides formal coaching in music and art, they are given opportunity to get involved in artistic, cultural and social activities through various associations and clubs. Participations in one of the co-curricular activities is compulsory. In the continuous and the comprehensive evaluation of the students, the performance in one or two co-curricular activities will be observed and the grades will be entered  in the progress card/ mark transcript.

Literary Association

One of the most important methods for developing creative talents in the literary, artistic and cultural fields is the weekly meeting of the Literary Association. The class teacher gives necessary guidance and directions to the students for conducting these meetings in the most useful way. The elected secretary of the association organizes the meeting in consultation with the class teacher.

Besides the regular weekly literary association in classes, students are expected to join and participate actively in atleast two of the following organizations.

The Social Service League

We live in a world where there are very rich and utterly poor people. The poor are often neglected. We often forget our duty towards the poor and the needy. This league will try to inculcate in the minds of our young ones our responsibility towards the neglected poor and a love for serving them in their need.

The Science Club

This is meant to create in our students increased interest in, and love for, the day-to-day scientific achievements of the modern world. This would help to tickle their curiosity to know more about the thrilling and marvelous contributions that modern science has offered to humanity. Ultimately, this would help the student to equip himself with the creative mind to eradicate poverty and misery from the face of the earth.

Quiz Forum

This is a special forum which prepares students for various quiz competitions. Students are enrolled in it after a preliminary test.

School-band Troupe and a Choral Society

Those who have a taste for, and interest in music, can be the members of the band with due permissions from the Principal and the parents.

The students who are gifted with musical talents can be members of the Choral Society. They are given special coaching in Western and Carnatic music besides the regular classes in music under expert teachers.

Manuscript Magazines

Every division of  a class from V to XII is to provide during the year a hand written class magazine in which articles in various languages, drawings, cartoon paintings etc., of these students are published under the guidance of the class teacher. The selections from these may appear in the School Annual Magazine. They will provide a forum for our budding poets, writers and artists for developing their creative talents

Study Tours and Field Trips

Educational tours and excursions to places of historical or national importance are conducted for seniors and juniors separately during the academic year. Small children are taken picnic spots for one day trips.

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