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Students are admitted to the school at the beginning of every academic year. New admissions are made on the basis of the students’s performance in the school they studied last and laso on the basis of their performance in the entrance test.
As a rule new students are admitted to LKG, UKG, Standard I and V. Pupils seeking admission to LKG, UKG and Standard I for any academic year should register their names before the end of the December and to Standard V before the first week of January of the previous academic year.
Admission to other standards may be given according to the availability of seats based on an entrance test in the last week of April or in the first week of May.
Application forms for registration will be available at the school office from 15th November of the first week of January.


The school terms are divided into three quarters for all classes from Std. I to XII:

First Term – May to August
Second Term – September to December
Third Term – January to April

The medium of instruction is English. Mount Bethany is recognised by the State Government of Kerala as a minority educational instituition. The school follows the Indian pattern of education in tandem with the global standards.

The Salient Features of the School:

  • Excellent

    The School stands for excellence in academic and co-curricular activities of the students.
  • Professionally competent and morally upright teachers

    It has professionally competent and morally upright teachers, who are committed to their lofty vocation of forming the future citizens of our country as per our objectives.
  • Enrichment program

    It provides enrichment program to high achievers, special coaching to the promising students, remedial coaching to the weak students and counselling facilities to all the children.
  • Learning abilities

    The School does not encourage outside tuition for the students as it deprives them to their learning time and their creative learning abilities and confines them to spoon feeding.
  • Programmes

    There are various programmes in the school to help the students to develop the creative and aesthetic talents along with their academic growth.
  • Relationship

    All relationship in the school are characterized by love, justice, truth, partnership and mutual respect. the integrated development of every student is the concern of all.

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